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Real Estate Advanced Practices (REAP)

Systems and strategies are the foundation for building a successful real estate business anywhere in the world. This four-part classroom program identifies the successful systems and strategies used universally by top real estate sales agents. The program is broken into four separate one-day courses that can be presented over four consecutive days or as stand-alone, one-day courses within one calendar year.

Business Planning

A real estate practice requires planning, budgeting and goal-setting. The Business Planning course helps students learn the fundamentals of business planning. After completing this course, students will be able to identify the benefits of a business plan and develop income goals using the budgeting process. These business essentials will generate increased profit and productivity.

  Course Content:
• Identify long-term personal goals
• Create a mission statement that is the basis for making daily decisions
• Develop tactics to assess, research and analyze the business
• Set goals to generate gross income


Successful agents use a plan to meet their goals and objectives using established principles of marketing. Agents will learn various media and systems of marketing as well as how to evaluate the tactics employed to ensure effectiveness. After taking this course, students will be able to develop a marketing plan based on a variety of options, systems and tracking to make the agent’s business more productive, profitable and enjoyable.

  Course Content:
• Five essential marketing skills
• Personal promotion techniques
• Marketing and promotion systems
• Delivery systems to generate a successful referral business

Negotiation Strategies

The quality of an agent’s negotiation skills gives them a strong competitive edge when working with clients and closing deals. Building rapport and trust is an important component of any relationship and begins with the initial client contact. This course leads students through the steps of a successful client presentation and the three elements that affect any negotiation.

  Course Content:
• Preparing an effective presentation
• Creating trust with clients
• Understanding client needs and motivations
• Selling service and benefits

Working With Clients

Top sales associates sustain a competitive advantage because they understand and overcome common client objections effectively, negotiate contracts and have systems in place to service the client from contract to settlement. This course gives students the inside track to win over clients by teaching them the necessary strategies to close the transaction quickly and efficiently. These effective strategies will help agents get and keep customers for life.

  Course Content:
• Handling objections
• Demonstrate properties to buyers
• Negotiate contracts
• Checklist for service from contract to settlement